Treated Pine 140 * 45

Treated Pine 140 * 45


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Protected against insects, termites and decay

Treated as per Australian Standards

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The Art of Outdoor Creation: Treated Pine H3 F7 MGP10 140 x 45

Craft Your Legacy with Roots Outdoor Timber

Dive into the essence of outdoor construction with Roots Outdoor Timber’s Treated Pine H3 F7 MGP10 140 x 45 series. This isn’t just timber; it’s the backbone of your dreams for the great outdoors, the silent witness to future memories, and the canvas for your architectural artistry.

Envision, Create, Transform:

With each piece of our 140 x 45 Treated Pine, you hold the potential to transform landscapes and forge sanctuaries:

  • 3.6M Lengths: Perfect for crafting intricate garden features or robust, welcoming benches that invite reflection and conversation.
  • 4.2M Extensions: Lay the groundwork for sprawling decks or serene pergolas, spaces where laughter and peace intertwine.
  • 4.8M Spans: Construct the frameworks for ambitious projects, like bespoke gazebos or functional, stylish privacy screens that whisper stories of secluded tranquility.
  • 5.4M & 6.0M Expanses: Embark on constructing monumental structures that command presence, offering shelter and gathering spaces that anchor communities.

Unveil the Extraordinary:

  • Guarded Against Time: Each piece is an alchemy of nature and science, treated to H3 standards to defy decay, termites, and the elements, ensuring your creations stand as enduring monuments.
  • Sculpted for Strength: Graded F7 for structural integrity and MGP10 for mechanical precision, our timber promises the reliability your visions demand.
  • Harvested with Heart: Sourced from responsibly managed forests, each beam supports not just your projects, but the planet, weaving sustainability into the legacy of your outdoor spaces.
  • Versatile by Nature: Adaptable to a spectrum of designs, from the classical to the avant-garde, it is timber that invites innovation, challenging you to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in wood.

Begin with a Vision, Finish with a Masterpiece:

Roots Outdoor Timber’s Treated Pine H3 F7 MGP10 140 x 45 series is more than just material; it’s the starting point of a journey that culminates in the realization of your outdoor dreams. Whether you’re fashioning a serene retreat, a communal space, or an architectural marvel, it all begins here—with wood that weathers the passage of time, maintaining its integrity and beauty.

Your Imagination, Our Foundation

We invite you to explore the possibilities that our Treated Pine H3 F7 MGP10 140 x 45 series offers. Begin your project with Roots Outdoor Timber today, and let’s carve a path to the extraordinary together. For inspiration, advice, or to place your order, reach out. Your masterpiece awaits.


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