Galvanised Gate Frame

Galvanised Gate Frame


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Introducing our Adjustable Galvanised Gate Frames, the ultimate solution for your gate installation needs. These frames are available in various sizes and orientations, including 1.8 x 0.9m and 1.8 x 1.0m in both left and right configurations, as well as larger 1.8 x 1.2m options, also in left and right orientations. Designed to provide flexibility, durability, and ease of installation, our gate frames are the perfect choice for residential, commercial, or agricultural gate setups.


  • Versatile Sizing and Orientation: With sizes ranging from 1.8 x 0.9m to 1.8 x 1.2m and options for both left and right orientations, our gate frames cater to a variety of gate dimensions and site requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific project.
  • Durability and Corrosion Resistance: Made from high-quality steel and finished with a galvanised coating, these gate frames withstand harsh weather conditions, resist corrosion, and maintain their integrity over time, guaranteeing longevity and continuous performance.
  • Adjustability for Perfect Alignment: The adjustable design of our gate frames allows for precise alignment during installation, ensuring that your gate operates smoothly and remains balanced, regardless of ground conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Engineered for simplicity, our gate frames come with pre-drilled holes and are compatible with various types of gate materials, making the installation process straightforward for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Security and Stability: The robust construction of our frames provides a strong, secure foundation for your gate, enhancing the overall security and stability of your property’s entrance or perimeter.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: The sleek, galvanised finish not only protects against rust but also offers a neutral backdrop that complements a wide range of gate styles and materials, allowing for aesthetic versatility in your gate design.

Our Adjustable Galvanised Gate Frames are the ideal choice for anyone looking to install a new gate or upgrade an existing one. Whether you’re aiming for enhanced security, aesthetic appeal, or durable construction, these gate frames provide the foundation you need to achieve a reliable, long-lasting gate installation.


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