Cypress Post – 100 * 100 mm

Cypress Post – 100 * 100 mm


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Explore the Versatile Cypress Post 100×100 Collection at Roots Outdoor Timber

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Durable and Stylish Cypress Posts

Roots Outdoor Timber brings you a select collection of Cypress Post 100×100, expertly crafted to meet the needs of your outdoor projects. Whether you’re creating elegant garden structures, robust fencing, or decorative features, our Cypress Posts offer the perfect blend of strength, durability, and natural charm.

Exclusive Selection:

Designed for versatility and functionality, our 100×100 Cypress Posts are available in lengths suitable for a wide array of projects, ensuring you have the right material for any design vision:

  • 2.1M: Ideal for decorative elements and low-height structures.
  • 2.4M: Perfect for standard fencing and railing applications.
  • 2.7M: Offers additional height for privacy screens and garden features.
  • 3.0M: A versatile option for pergolas and vertical garden frames.
  • 3.6M & 4.2M: Longer lengths provide the opportunity for ambitious projects, including taller structures and architectural features.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Robust Durability: Cypress wood’s natural resistance to decay and pests makes it a prime choice for outdoor use, ensuring longevity.
  • Natural Beauty: The distinctive grain and warm hues of Cypress add a timeless elegance to any outdoor setting.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Sourced from sustainable forests, our Cypress Posts are an environmentally responsible option for your landscaping projects.
  • Design Flexibility: With a range of lengths and the ability to be easily cut and shaped, these posts can adapt to countless designs and applications.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life:

At Roots Outdoor Timber, we understand that your outdoor projects are an extension of your creativity and lifestyle. Our Cypress Post 100×100 series is crafted to inspire and facilitate the realization of your outdoor dreams, from serene garden retreats to functional and stylish outdoor living areas. Our team is here to support you in choosing the right posts for your specific project needs, ensuring success from the ground up.

Why Opt for Our Cypress Post 100×100 Series?

  • Focused Range: Our carefully selected range means you can find just the right size for your project’s specific requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves on offering Cypress Posts that meet strict quality standards for durability and appearance.
  • Sustainable Building: Choose a product that supports your environmental values without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Begin Your Project Today

Discover the potential of our Cypress Post 100×100 collection for your next outdoor project. Contact Roots Outdoor Timber for more information or to place your order today. Let us help you turn your outdoor space into a place of beauty and enjoyment.


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